Welcome to Doozy’s

If you are looking for a place where you can get your fill of food you have come to the right place. If you like subs, this is the correct place that you have to come. There are many subs menu that you can choose from. There is the Italian Doozy where you will find salami, ham, sausage, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, cheeses, mayo, tomatoes, and lettuce. Or if you prefer the roast beef doozy you can have a combination of lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, roast beef, and cheeses.

If you will choose the French Dip Doozy then you can eat the aujus, roast beef and cheeses. For the Barbecue Beef Doozy, there is the beef, a barbecue sauce, and cheeses. You can also find menus like Pizza Doozy, Pastrami Doozy, Turkey Doozy, Ham and Cheese Doozy, Chicken Salad Doozy, Taco Doozy, Club Doozy, Tuna and Cheddar Doozy, Meatball Doozy, Veggie Doozy, Steak, and Cheese Doozy and many more in the menu when you get to the place. You will not fail to have your own choice.

If you have a party you can also order the party subs for your enjoyment. When it comes to salads, you will find Garden Salad, “BIG” Taco Salad, “BIG ” Chef Salad and others. You can also order a pizza where you can choose from various menus what do you like to eat. There are also Pasta Bakes that you can try. There are also side orders that include cheese sticks. There is also a soup that for the side dish.